The Work

Come, Let’s Dance (CLD) has been partnered with the same Ugandan Leaders for the last 5 years starting and developing projects with the end goal of self-sustainability within their community. They are a family and live life together, helping the community and their leaders through the joys and struggles toward restoration. When we travel to Uganda, we are invited to take part in this laboring specifically in the area of Village Outreach (see below), but we wanted to share everything that we’ve been a part of in the past with CLD:

Primary School:

CLD has a focus at WCIA (Wakiso Christian International Academy), a recently launched primary school and spends time assisting teachers with anything they need from reading, recess, crafts and cleaning.

Medical Clinic:

Located on the same property as the school, this is one of the newest projects. We spend time working with the nurse and understanding how to serve the children, the community around us, as well as learn from other nearby clinics on how to best care for the Ugandan patients.


CLD has a 20-acre farm about 45 minutes from base camp in a much more rural setting. Here we work alongside the Ugandan Farm Manager and help train students doing whatever it takes to supply the children’s home with food and manage the agriculture business. Planting, weeding, harvesting and livestock care are all a part of our time here.

Slum Outreach:

CLD has very recently developed a slum basecamp near the Katanga Slums. Here, the ‘Thread of Life Sewing and Craft Shop” project will be held everyday. Daily encouragement through cleaning, cutting, counting and simply building relationships with these destitute women is needed on a daily basis.

Village Outreach (Primary Focus):

In the last two years CLD has started to reaching out to rural villages where our Ugandan leaders are from with the hope of extending relationships, applying what we’ve learned, and better understand the roots of destitution. We will be spending most of our time while in Uganda developing this project in the village of Kaliro, about three hours of basecamp.