prayerPrayer is absolutely essential to what we’re trying to do. The vision that we have of traveling to Uganda for 4 weeks to help people in rural villages is risky, dangerous, logistically taxing and generally impossible for a Junior in college to throw together. If this works, it will be an answer to prayer.

Below are our prayer requests. Crossed out ones have been answered.

  • Pray that God would make it clear how many people are supposed to go and what the gender make-up of the team should be
  • Pray that God would make it boldly clear whether each of us are supposed to go and if this team with the right team to do the job.
  • Pray that God would conquer the immense amount of doubt that we have and to encourage us if we are supposed to go to Uganda
  • Pray that we can book a band that will agree to play for free as a fund raising concert
    • Note: An amazing band named, “Under Falling Skies” has agreed to do a free show for us!!
  • Pray that we can get our fund raising letters out in the mail
    • Note: ~300 and counting are in the mail as of right now (10/22)
  • Pray that God would give us the funds to be able to go.
    • Our minimum requirement is $18,000 but we are praying for $20,000 (our only restriction to reaching people in Uganda is the amount of money we bring for fuel/resources)
  • Pray that we can raise enough money to purchase plane tickets ($12,000)
  • Pray that God make it clear to us what exactly he wants us to do while we are in Uganda
    • Options include:
      • Working in the capitol with CLD the entire time
      • Spending time in the Kaliro District building a safe-house for missionaries
      • Spending time in the villages to the north and be involved with war healing
      • Spending time with Julius’ village in the west on the border of Uganda + Rwanda
  • Pray that we would get a good turnout for our spaghetti dinner (11/7)
    • Note: We had a full house and raised over $1,000!! Praise God
  • Pray that we would get a good turnout for our concert (11/21)
  • Pray that we would be able to overcome discomfort and fears while calling people for money

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