Our Partners

Our entire time in Uganda is spent working with a non-governmental group named, “Come, Let’s Dance” (CLD). CLD is led by a friend of ours named Shane Gilbert, and is a small organization that has teams coming in on an invitation only basis. I encourage you to travel to http://www.comeletsdance.org for more information regarding their history, focus and mission.

In their own words:

To state it simply, we’re a community of friends with a heart for Africa. We strive to use the resources, talents, and voice we’ve been given to help this world as best we can. We are dedicated to working alongside a community in Kampala, Uganda.

At the heart of all our projects is the empowerment of African youth to initiate positive social and economic change in their own lives and communities — by breaking the cycle of dependency on the 1st World. The true work is seeking innovative solutions to the poverty and orphan cycle that is devastating the continent.

Living and working in a developing world involves constant challenges; it’s not easy learning what it means to become part of a developing world…… but at the end of the each day, we know that personal relationships, empowerment, and love ( not our programs ) are what matter most.