Vision and Mission

Vita Nova Global Missions is a huge part of the Vita Nova Church DNA in Amherest, Massachusetts. We’re a church that takes seriously the commands of Jesus to make disciples not just in Amherst, Western Massachusetts, or even the United States of America, but to the ends of the earth.

Our vision has always been to develop a bridge with our American friends working on the ground in Uganda, which would allow us to consistently send support and resources to meet their needs.

Our mission is to love and serve our friends, both American workers and Ugandans, year round with everything we have and everything we are with the same passion and intensity that Christ loves us. We do this through prayer, sending resources, maintaining correspondence, and by offering our physical presence as well by traveling there at least once a year.

An important part of our vision is to be consistent and faithful, as the Ugandan communities that we are praying about and pouring into get restored out of destruction, poverty and hopelessness.

We invite you to join us!