Kaliro Bound – Heart Break Hill

In about 25 minutes we’ll be hopping in our van to drive about 4 hours out to the village of Kaliro. There’s a lot to say about the village and we’re a bit pressed for time so I’ll be quick about details:

  • No electricity or running water for the community
  • Culture is one that is deeply rooted in witchcraft and other demonic spiritualism
  • Christ has been preached there and many have called Jesus their savior — but the the grip and tradition of witchcraft still holds many in bondage and beckons others to “backslide” (think x-alcoholic having a drink again)

All of our work there will be towards creating a sustainable empowerment program for the villagers and a discipleship network that will allow the village to grow deeper in Christ in a strong community.

We’ll be laying the foundation and posting the roof for a 30×40 foot building that will be used for future Vita Nova Global Missions teams to come and spend time in the village. As of right now, the ground is our bed. The idea is to take care of simple necessities such as shelter and food (we’ll be cultivating land as well) so that future teams don’t have this as a frustrating stumbling block and can better focus on the people and mission at hand.

Please keep us in your prayers this week. It will be, by far, the most demanding portion of our trip. Up until now we’ve been staying in a resort. Pray that the team can adjust to the simplicity of life and lack of traditional comforts (like running water, electricity, lack of wild animals running around our sleeping area, etc.)

Will post again as soon as we get back next Sunday night.

Love to all,

Thomas, Virginia, Luke, Kristen, Bouge (David)

6 responses to “Kaliro Bound – Heart Break Hill

  1. Cathy Bourgeois

    will be praying for sure…..love to all!

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated here. I am Luke’s sister, currently in Oklahoma, and am keeping all of you in my prayers. God bless!

  3. hey guys –
    looks and sounds like some awesome things are happening. i hope you relish in the simplicity the next few days. enjoy the beauty in sleeping under God’s unabashed blanket of sky and crossing paths with incredible people. im praying for you too and im so glad all of you are there 🙂

  4. It’s Monday January 11th and we haven’t heard anything yet. Is everything OK?

    • Lois, they are probably on their way back and not able to post. If something happened we would have heard something.

  5. I’m sure you must be on your way back…Jan 13 right?

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