Everyone made the cut!

I’m writing another update today with our money situation and our biggest news:

We all have plane tickets!!! (that can’t be refunded!!!)

It’s exciting, I know! We went through a scary time where ticket prices shot up over $1,000 when we were trying to purchase our last two tickets for Virgina and Kristen. After waiting about a week, the original plane that the first three tickets were bought for opened up and at a reasonable price. Thank you pop!

On another note — this weekend we had our fundraising concert and it went well. We raised over $750 with about 50 people showing up for the three band line up. The music deserved a sell-out max-capacity crowd but… oh well!

A special thanks to Scot Hsu, Dave Master, Cindy Pollson, all the people from Strange Pilgrims and of course Under Falling Skies for doing a show for free for us and not holding anything back even for 50 people. We love you and thank you for making this trip possible for us!

So that’s about it for this update I think. From here on out, the money we’re raising goes toward our housing, food, transportation and general ministry costs while in Uganda. We thank you for your support thus far — please stay posted for more updates as we’re begin preparing to leave for Africa on December 21st!

-VNGMissions Team

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