‘Cause I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Lots of exciting updates today. This past weekend was full of big decisions and leaps of faith. So read on if you’d like to know where we’re at!

Update – Tickets

airlineticketsWe felt that with about a month left until our expected departure for Uganda, it was time to start taking steps in the direction of getting tickets. With prices going up, it was important for us to make some decisions. So here was the situation:

At the time we had just over $6,000. Now, with this money there are three ways we could act:

    1. Buy two tickets and have two people fully funded for the trip ($3,000 a person)
    2. Buy three plane tickets ($2,000) but have no money for the time in Africa
    3. Put all of the money down on a roulette table and choose red or black to double up on the cash

Since option three is apparently unwise, it was between 1 and 2 and this is what we decided: Buying two tickets would be safe, considering we could suspend all fundraising from here on out. Buying three tickets, on the other hand, would be a step of faith to raise the additional $3,000 in the next month. We decided against buying four tickets because at this point, this is too reckless and unwise.

So here’s the big news: we have purchased three tickets for myself, Dave and Luke. The way we chose whose tickets to buy at this time was based off of fundraising – who had been bringing in the most money. At this point Dave, Luke and myself have been bringing in the majority of the money.

We are believing that God has affirmed our calling (one of many ways) by having people respond to our support letters and to give generously.

Update – Angie

Angie, after praying and spending time in scripture, has decided that she in fact does not feel particularly called to Uganda. She has a heart for the world and different cultures but no particular heart for Uganda (yet). She is passionate for the people of Ecuador and other Spanish speaking south American countries and was convicted by her sacrificing of pieces of her ministry right here in Amherst to be a part of this mission to Africa. Angie will not be going to Africa with us, but will still be a part of our team in Spirit and support.

Update – Team

At this point our team is 5 members, with three of them having tickets to Uganda. We need your support more than ever, as it will never be too late for God to drop a bomb on our laps (of cash) to be able to full support Virginia and Kristen to come on our trip. Something to realize is that they must come as a package – due to certain safety and accountability reasons, we cannot bring one of the women and not the other. At this point, all money that will be brought in will support the three members who are going unless a substantial amount is raised to be able to buy two additional plane tickets.

Update – Concert

Just a reminder that our concert is this Saturday night at 7:00pm. Our show will have Scott Hsu and Cindy Pollsen opening, with Under Falling Skies as the main event. Please bring all of your friends and support us! Tickets will cost $9 and all proceeds will go toward our fundraising efforts.

We’re also looking for help setting up, with security and cleaning up. Please email us vitanovaglobal@gmail.com if you would like to help out!


Please continue to keep us in your prayers! Thank you everyone for all of your support and I hope that you are being blessed just as much as us by being a part of this ministry. Pray that the concert goes well and that there is a good turn out. Pray that our phone calls begging people for money go well.

We love you all!

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